No one should have to bend over backwards to prove themselves worthy of true friendships, and love; I mean really??? Stop throwing daggers and trying to shame folks into submission, for me personally, I refuse to be defined or controlled into what I should be, or what style I should wear, or what I should act like, or perform exhausting hopping-on-my-foot while rubbing my head antics to display as proof that I fit into “excluders company” i.e. the “mean girl/good ole boy cliques” I don’t pretend to know it all, especially so someone can feel obliged to put me in my place to tell, and so willingly show me, I’m wrong. Taken Down A Peg is for my own good can’t I see that? In some instances, sure, sometimes my ego needs deflating. As painful as giving up control is to egos, what’s even more painful is holding onto control because we fail to learn when we fail to render some control; time and time again I say life has ways of knocking you on your ass and letting you know that you are not in control…..that you need to slow down and make sure you’re doing things for right reasons and not selfish motives…..that negative mojo isn’t rubbing off scrubbing on your spirit to the point it turns you into a Grudge Carrying Grinch…..making you see things a lot clearer, although it doesn’t seem like helpful counterbalancing in what you thought were proper decisions now does it? Now comes unexpected, sometimes unwelcomed, journey of life. Getting it wrong on life’s winding journey makes it easy to kick folks while they’re down, pointing, once envious, now judgmental fingers peppered with know-it-allness clichés of “told ya so, they not special, good this happened too em, maybe next time they’ll learn to listen” Here you are at your lowest somewhat embarrassing point, where assumptions take root, criticisms become bolder, and abilities to think for yourself are questioned because after all if you were thinking clearly there wouldn’t be a need for this wagging judgmental finger all in your business, now would it? I’m here to say, whilst saving my sanity through all this messiness, that because one is down they are not out the game of life and thinking outside boxes “EXCLUDERS” decide to put you in definitely shouldn’t deter aspirations and dreams…..let “EXCLUDERS” walk in darkness of familiarity while you strut into life’s unexpected call, whether the embrace is cold and calculated taking the long way to get to the point of purpose, or the embrace is filled with all life’s loving answers layered with whole lots of AH HA moments. EXCLUDERS ignorance shadow compassion for others struggles hell even compassion for others WINS, so look an EXCLUDERS supposed gifted words in the mouth, decipher is it to take you higher or TAKE YOU DOWN A PEG.

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