Florence Griffith Joyner AKA Flo Jo was a fitness guru of sorts, fastest woman in world according to Sports Illustrated, flashiest athlete of her time, 5x medal winner (3 Gold…2 Silver) Ms. Flo Jo who looked more like a model/fly girl, I know I’m telling my age here, but hey with the makeup, hair, and nails speaks fly girl all the way; this woman in her 30’s was more fit than probably folks 10 years her junior. Flo Jo ran track in high school, she went to  Summer Olympics in 1984 won a silver medal in the 200 meter run; in 1988 she won the Summer Olympics with three gold medals and a silver, but hating, jealous folks claimed she couldn’t be that fast, so as a result, there were rumors of drug enhancement, but well after her retiring in 1998, and at her tragic death at young age of 38 years of age, autopsies confirms she didn’t have “any” traces of performance enhancement drugs, such a vindication to clear her name to return back to her phenomenal accomplishments of such a great athlete, not given to all athletes, that its ok to embrace your femininity  because it doesn’t diminish your capabilities, to this day, Ms Flo Jo still holds the world records in the 100 and 200 meter events. She put a new spin on what an athlete looks like, such an awesome story.




Book** “The Life of Philippa Schuyler Composition in Black and White” is a chronicled journey of Philippa Schuyler. She was a biracial child when it wasn’t really acceptable during the 1930’s; her conception didn’t really seem to be from love, evidenced by portrayal of the parents throughout the book. Philippa’s parents admitted keeping clippings of her whole life to record their experimental child’s timeline of perceived perfection. Although kind of sickening, their parentage was based on ridding the world of social issues associated with race problems by marrying interracially to show how a perfect child can set the catalyst to solving this hot button issue of race; ultimately, these parents wanted to conceive great children, coupled with structured activities of, diet, and education, which would create not only great children, but geniuses, and what a genius Philippa was though; Philippa was an excellent pianist at a young age until adolescence, was around important dignitaries of her native NYC, and traveled the world because of this musical talent, when she became an adult, the realness of racial and gender prejudice her parents were able to shield her from redirected her musical career overseas. By her 30’s, she stopped playing piano and started following in her father’s footsteps….journalism….no surprise, Philippa was an engaging, well-seasoned, writer…. examples of her writings are in aforementioned book; through her writings, she became a war correspondent in Vietnam, unfortunately, meeting an untimely demise at 36 years old in an effort to save Vietnamese orphans. Even though all the pains struggling to find her own identity, Philippa thought enough to aid disadvantaged kids….OK perfection project fulfilled, well close to what perfection would be if there was a thing achievable as PERFECTION. Ms. Schuyler’s memory is kept alive with a school for other gifted children named Philippa Schuyler Middle School in Brooklyn, NY. Much respect to the young, gifted, and black sistas who shouldn’t be afraid to shine…despite obstacles placed in front of them.




**On the cover of the book mentioned there was a statement the story was soon to become a movie; Alicia Keys was to play her, as of now, no new information has been reported of this movie being produced

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